Wildlife Removal Is a Dangerous Job, So Leave It to the Pros

Northern Wildlife Service deals with common pests in the Atlanta, Roger City, & Gaylord & Alpena, MI areas

Wondering what's spooking the family dog at night? You don't need to look outside - a wildlife removal specialist can look around your yard in the morning for telltale signs of critter activity.

Northern Wildlife Service, LLC removes nuisance animals safely and humanely in Atlanta, Roger City, & Gaylord, Alpena, MI and surrounding areas. With over 11 years of wildlife removal experience, we've got what it takes to handle...

  • Stinky skunks
  • Elusive groundhogs
  • Aggressive raccoons
  • Disease-carrying bats

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Why shouldn't you leave those critters be?

Wildlife and humans can't always coexist. Territorial creatures like raccoons, for example, can foul up outbuildings with their feces and attack people when cornered. Luckily, you've come to the right racoon removal service provider in Atlanta, Roger City, & Gaylord & Alpena, MI for help.

We can come up with a custom solution, such as trapping and releasing the critters far away from your property. Reach out to us now to schedule residential or commercial racoon removal services.