One Spray Will Keep Those Pests Away

Get effective stinging insect control services in the Atlanta, Roger City, & Gaylord & Alpena, MI areas

You don't want to disturb a wasp's nest. Doing so could send those insects into a frenzy, putting your loved ones and neighbors in harm's way. It's smart to leave the nest alone until an exterminator can spray it with stinging insect control products.

Northern Wildlife Service, LLC in Atlanta, Roger City, & Gaylord & Alpena, MI exterminates stinging insects with pesticides that are safe for use around people and pets. We can take extra precautions to ensure that your infestation doesn't return.

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You never know what could happen

Bee and wasp venom can trigger severe allergic reactions in certain people. Play it safe by arranging for bee or wasp removal services in the Atlanta, Roger City, & Gaylord & Alpena, MI areas. Removing stinging insects from your property can...

  • Eliminate a serious safety hazard above or underground
  • Give your visitors peace of mind about hanging out at your place
  • Allow you to spend more time outside without fear of stinging insects

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