3 Signs You Have Squirrels in Your Home

3 Signs You Have Squirrels in Your Home

Squirrel Removal Services in Atlanta, Gaylord, Alpena, Indian River & Cheboygan, MI

Squirrels can cause quite a problem in your home. They are known to invade home areas such as garages and attics. Squirrels are very destructive and can even damage your home by chewing on electrical wires, soiling in home insulation, and even attracting large wildlife such as raccoons.

Here are a few common signs that you have this critter living in your Atlanta, Gaylord, Alpena, Indian River or Cheboygan, MI home:

1. Early morning activity - this is the time that Squirrels use to search and store food.
2. Gnaw damage - Squirrels are known for chewing through electrical wires, base boards, and roofs.
3. Droppings - just like most animal droppings Squirrel's can contain parasites and diseases that can be harmful to humans.

Aside from seeing the Squirrels, if you're unsure if you have a Squirrel infestation give Northern Wildlife Services, LLC today (989) 255-9599 to speak with an animal control expert about your suspensions.