What’s That Smell in Your Mason or Lansing, MI Home?

What’s That Smell in Your Mason or Lansing, MI Home?

Hire a skunk removal pro today

Skunks can be a nuisance in your Mason or Lansing, Michigan home for a few reasons. They might:

  • Burrow holes in your yard
  • Spray your pet with their powerful odor
  • Make a home under your deck or foundation

HART Animal Control will get rid of them safely and humanely. Call today to schedule a removal at your property.

5 ways we prevent skunks from entering your home

Prevention is the best way to avoid a skunk problem. Avoid dealing with the smelly critters in the first place by putting proper preventive measures in place. Our wildlife removal experts will:

  1. Install a barrier around your deck or foundation. Skunks aren’t very good at climbing or jumping, so barriers are perfect for keeping them out.
  2. Place heavy lids on your trash cans. This prevents them from getting into your garbage.
  3. Clear your yard of garbage and fallen fruit. Skunks like to root around looking for food on your property.
  4. Install outdoor lights. Since skunks are nocturnal creatures, bright lights send them running for cover.
  5. Install automatic sprinklers. These usually frighten skunks away from your property.

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