Do You Really Need Expert Pest Control Services?

Yes, if you want to eliminate a serious threat in the Atlanta & Gaylord, MI areas

Some pests can cause serious structural damage, while others carry pathogens that can make people and pets sick. Clearly, it's not safe to live with pests in the Atlanta & Gaylord, MI areas. An experienced pest control service provider can get rid of your infestation for good.

Northern Wildlife Service, LLC offers individualized solutions for common outdoor pests. Our ant control services, for instance, involve spraying pesticides around exterior doors and windows to keep ants from coming inside.

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Take your pest problem seriously

Do-it-yourself treatments aren't designed to keep pests away. That's why you need expert pest control services in the Atlanta & Gaylord, MI areas.

We've got solutions for the...

  • Rodents that have gotten into your animal feed
  • Spiders that have taken over your outbuildings
  • Ants that have built nests on the playground

Get in touch with us today to learn about our rodent, spider and ant control services.