Go an Entire Summer Without Seeing These Blood-Suckers

Schedule tick and mosquito control services in the Atlanta, Roger City, & Gaylord & Alpena, MI areas

Not only do mosquitoes and ticks suck the fun out of summer in the Atlanta, Roger City, & Gaylord & Alpena, MI areas, but they can also transmit disease. Northern Wildlife Service, LLC can treat for these insects to keep your entire household safe this summer. We offer monthly mosquito and tick control services for your protection.

We'll send a licensed and insured exterminator to your location to...

  • Identify pest breeding grounds
  • Spray pesticides around your lawn, trees and shrubs
  • Re-treat your property every month between May and September

Let us know when we should swing by when you schedule tick or mosquito control services.

Our treatments are safe for the entire family

To keep the kids and pets safe when they play outside, we can treat for pests using nontoxic tick and mosquito control products. Our kid- and pet-friendly solutions set us apart from other mosquito and tick control service providers in the Atlanta, Roger City, & Gaylord & Alpena, MI areas.

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