3 Signs You Have Birds in Your Home

3 Signs You Have Birds in Your Home

Take it from the bird removal experts in Atlanta, Gaylord, Alpena, Indian River & Cheboygan, MI

Do you think you have some uninvited, winged visitors in your house? Northern Wildlife Services, LLC will help you find out if birds have made your house their new home. Here are a few common signs you might have a bird infestation:

  1. Noises – You’ll hear chirping, rustling or flapping coming from your attic.
  2. Damage – Birds will nest in your rafters, chimneys and gutters. Over time, their nests will cause damage to your property.
  3. Droppings – Bird droppings are difficult to clean from wood and stone, and they can be harmful for humans and pets to breathe in large quantities.

If you notice any of these signs in your Atlanta, Gaylord, Alpena, Indian River or Cheboygan, MI home, Northern Wildlife Services, LLC will be there in a flash. We remove birds in about an hour and a half, so you can get back to enjoying the peace and quiet of your home quickly. We’ll also replace your exhaust vent if the birds have ruptured it. Call (989) 255-9599 to schedule a bird removal.

About European Starlings

European starlings are an incredibly invasive species of bird that like to make their homes in all sorts of strange places. Homeowners find them in their vents, chimneys, attics and more. They were introduced in the United States in the late 1800's as an attempt to introduce all of the species of birds that William Shakespeare wrote about. While they seem cute at first, these birds can get on your nerves quickly. They chirp constantly, and they are very good at finding places to hide. When you need starlings removed from your house, trust the job to Northern Wildlife Services, LLC