Get rid of the nocturnal creatures that like to hang out in your attic.


Repair the damage to your roof, rafter and piping insulation caused by racoons.


Protect your yard against an invasion by these smelly creatures.


Clear your attic and vents of birds and bird nests.

Those Cute Woodland Creatures May Be Damaging Your Rafters

Hire Northern Wildlife Services, LLC for wildlife control & removal in the Atlanta, Gaylord, Alpena, Indian River & Cheboygan, MI area

Small wild animals can be cute, but not when they’re living in your attic and keeping you up at night with their rustling and scratching noises. When you have unwelcome visitors in your home, you need a team of qualified animal control experts by your side. Northern Wildlife Services, LLC removes animals in the Atlanta, Gaylord, Alpena, Indian River & Cheboygan, MI area in a humane, but efficient way. Plus, we’ll repair any damage they caused to your:

  • Air ducts
  • Piping insulation
  • Rafters
  • Gutters
  • Roof

Call (989) 255-9599 to speak with an animal removal expert near you.

5 types of pests we'll remove

Do you have a pest hiding in your home? Let the pros at Northern Wildlife Services, LLC deal with them. We’ll get rid of your:

  1. Bats – Bats like to live in your attics and walls. We’ll install a one-way door to send them out of your house, then seal your home to prevent new visitors.
  2. Skunks – Skunks will dig holes in your yard and spray offensive odors on your pets. We’ll get rid of these smelly rodents and install barriers and other preventive measures to keep them out.
  3. Birds – European starlings can often be found in attics and gutters. We’ll remove this invasive species humanely, and prevent new ones from coming to your home.
  4. Raccoons – Racoons like to hang out in attics, and they’ll breed in your home if they have the chance. We’ll send them out of the house and prevent them from returning.
  5. Woodchucks – Woodchucks, or groundhogs, will often hide under patios and in garages. Count on us to remove them safely and efficiently.

Contact us at (989) 255-9599 to learn more about our pest control process.

About  Northern Wildlife Services, LLC

About Northern Wildlife Services, LLC

Our owner is a nuisance wildlife control officer who has been in this business since 2010. We're licensed and insured to provide wildlife removals and restoration services in Atlanta, Gaylord, Alpena, Indian River & Cheboygan, MI, and our repair work comes with a three-year warranty. You can trust Northern Wildlife Services, LLC to get your wildlife removals and repairs done right every time. Reach out to us to learn more about our company’s history and processes.

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